Two Forbidden Words

There are two words in the English Language that are forbidden to be used articulately in the USA Empire or in what remains of the British Empire excluding the Isle of Man. Those two words will be posted here soon. After you read the words, you may search the internet for them and discover that the phrase is rare. Those rare instances in which the search engine does bring them up will invariably be embedded in lies.

The words are delivered here in Popular Cryptography Magazine, for the first time in American History, in an honest and articulate context. They are so rare that they will be delivered in the most secure form possible: encrypted using the algorithm called εσσ σεα οη τεε τεε εν εξε εν τεε εε εε εν ξου δεε οη τεε ζεε εξε πεα. The key is presented by spelling it out using the Cuneiform Composite 1001 TrueType font. This magazine already told you how to translate 26 Cuneiform characters, so it is easy for the adept to accomplish this short task. For lazy people, it is almost impossible. Lazy people are more suited to watching TV, driving a car every day, and opening a refrigerator than they are at decrypting stuff. (There are other categories besides the adept and the lazy, but they are so numerous as to make it impractical to list them.)

The two words are forbidden because of a long history, but World War One is a reasonable place to take up the story. The Ottoman Empire was divided up by a powerful team called "The League of Nations". Even today (December 26, 2010) the decisions of The League of Nations have great influence. The League produced The British Mandate. The British Empire divided up parts of the Ottoman Empire in a diabolical way, designed to keep each resulting nation weak, and in conflict with its neighbors. Palestine and Kuwait are examples of this.

Here is the binary file with the ciphertext of the two forbidden words . After unscrambling the tiny file, call it something.doc .

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