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The Summer 2010 Issue has Password Mirror software for you to translate the Cyrillic and Greek alphabetic essays back to English (Latin) and the reverse. Summer 2010. The Password Mirror tool is witten in the C# language within the Microsoft .NET infrastructure.

The Fall 2010 Issue has AES 256 command line exercises. OpenSSL is featured. Fall 2010.

The Spring 2011 Issue of PopCryMag is ready.
Summer 2011

Fall 2011

Winter 2012 Issue of Pop Cry Mag

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The Summer 2010 issue of PopCryMag features the PassWord Mirror. The Password Mirror is a C# program (c sharp) which cannot handle Cuneiform characters from Unicode. A Perl program is available on the following website which can translate English sentences into Cuneiform characters: Greek Alphabet dot Blogspot dot com ... Also, you can get the fonts for cuneiform and two essays using Cuneiform Composite 1001 fonts. Use Wordpad to see the cuneiform essays once the fonts are installed as TrueType Fonts . Perl can easily call Unicode characters by number, like 0x0402. C# is very hard to use for that purpose. C# is programmed using the visible character, not a number. Perl is superior to C# in this regard.

You can get a free Perl Interpreter to execute Perl programs at:

The C# compiler is free from Microsoft at:
They call it Visual C# Express. It has a fantastic integrated development environment. When you post your C# program on your website for people to download, the .NET infrastructure actively helps to give your customers the latest version. Each time the PassWord Mirror 4.2 program is launched, the .NET Microsoft overlords check that the latest version is used. Trust them. They are jus' plain folks.

OpenSSL software can be difficult to set up, so here are some notes about the procedure.

Disk space of 3 Gigabytes has been established at the Popular Cryptography Storage Facility.