Gutenberg to Bellovin

Cyberpeace has become possible because of the spread of knowledge. Tyrants have fallen after publication of their crimes.

Knowledge brings trust.
Trust will bring peace.
Peace brings prosperity.
Prosperity brings apathy.
Apathy reduces knowledge.

ACF 1995


After Gutenberg made printing presses available to rich intellectuals, books were distributed widely. He did not write the books, so the variety was enlightening. People read about facts and fiction so that they started getting new ideas. Those ideas are now codified as rights and powers for all people to understand. Popes who committed war crimes became known as hypocrites, not following the words of The Savior: "Do not kill". Even today, militants use the disguise of religion to pretend they are ethical people, when in fact, they are just military extremists, ashamed to pronounce their motivations: greed, revenge, and defense.

Photography and radio revealed the war crimes and injustices of elected chancellors and of autocrats. No longer could criminals hide in the darkness of ignorance after they were illuminated with the bright lights of journalists.

After Bellovin and Andreessen did not work together, but formed a detached team of intellectuals, the internet became user-friendly. The Encrypted key exchange of Bellovin provided a password-authenticated key agreement capability which brought cryptographic powers to the masses. The facts and fiction, photos and audio streams flowed like a mighty river to a billion curious folk. Despots cannot hide, but they flood the TV and newsrooms with propaganda. Gullible dunces, patriots, and cowards can choose the easy path to conformity or they can be committed to misinterpreted Mayan prophesies. Cyberpeace is here and there, but not everywhere.

It is up to us, the literate people on the internet, to interpret the rising flood of truths that are mingled with the falling tide of propaganda and to act or be passive. We can grow fat and lazy with our labor saving devices, or we can use human energy to make a peaceful world. There are a thousand things to complain about, but there are still a hundred joys to harvest. Please join with the intelligent billions who oppose the empire builders who encrypt their truths and trumpet their lies. Vote out the military extremists. The Warming Peace is better than Cold War.

There was a time when Mongol hordes under Genghis Khan were not exposed by journalists, newspapers, or websites. The Usenet did not alert Azerbaijan of the impending invasion. Today, we have tremendous advantages over the innocent victims of military scum. We have been forewarned, for what it's worth.