A Detached Team of Intellectuals

A detached team of intellectuals has arisen around the globe with a shared vision. Its actions are directly nullifying the propaganda seen on television and heard on talk radio. Half of the people on Earth have intelligences that are below average, but they vote in mobs in support of the patriotism. The herd mentality is pervasive in our species. Σελδομ ιν τηε cουσε οφ ηυμαν εψεντσ ηαψε σο μανξ δονε σο λιττλε φορ σο ωηατ.

Apathy and forgetfulness are the foundations of governments. The tools of cryptography and the power of lies are double edged swords. If "we the living" take action in our lifetimes, the united nations of the world will be able to overcome the provincialism that now cripples our cultures. The devastating firepower of the bombers and machine gunners has been deployed against the cradle of civilization, just as Nazi firepower cowed many small nations for a while. It is up to the intellectuals of the world to counter that firepower with brainpower. Cryptography is one tool that we are using. Our victory is assured.

We, the most intelligent of people, are detached from each other. We have not met in person. If one activist makes a cell phone call to someone, she should know that all cell phone calls are recorded. A new tool is now available, at your request, to encrypt your voice before its waves hit your microphone. It is called "The Hiss Binder".